GT by Citroën

For a car that was meant to be created for a video game, this was a huge success in making Citroën‘s image ever so greater. The GT by Citroën.  In Late 2002 Kazunori Yamauchi and a friend, Takumi Yamamoto; has plans to make a car for their up-coming game, Gran Turismo 4. They named the car “GT” after Gran Turismo. The car had plans to be done with Ferrari, but somehow ended up being designed at Citroën. When the car never made it into the game, they decided to put it in the next game of the series; Gran Turismo 5

They had plans to create a virtual version, and a real-life prototype version of the car in 2006. The Prototype came in a pure white body color. Although the car was powered by hydrogen fuel cells in the game, the real car is powered by a conventional V8 petrol engine built by Ford. The prototype was used to be designed for the real game. The first, truely made, GT by Citroën was made in February 2007. It was reported to have 765 horsepower, but was upgraded to 780 horsepower by a release from Citroën.

The car was also in a game called Racing Live, on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. On the release of Gran Turismo 5, Citroën released a statement claiming that they were going to be making a limited number of GT’s for production. A total of 6 cars are supposed to be made, 5 in white, and one in a special black tuner edition model. Each are supposed to cost around $2 Million, with the tuner edition at $2.5 Million. Any further production would be released around May 2011. Here are some pictures of this fabulous ride.

GT By Citroën

GT By Citroën

Thank-you for reading this article, many more are on the way on a few more Lamborghini’s, and a rare Bentley fit for a Sultan. See you all later 😀 Good-bye for now!



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