This is a rather short article today. The MG ZT-T LM is the fastest Station wagon ever made! With a topspeed of 226 mph. Only 7 LM models were made in 2003, each in the color red with a white stripe down the middle. Three of these cars are owned by the owner of MG, Richard Prior, two are in storage, and one is owned by The Sultan of Brunei, (One of the cars were destroyed in an accident in the 2004 NRASH Speed Trials). It is, in fact, legal to drive on American streets. It had a special AMG Mercedes-Benz M125 V12 Engine that had 986 horsepower. I suppose this is it for now, here’s a picture of the car.



Thank-you for reading this article 🙂 Many more cars to come! Please feel free to comment or subscribe to our blog! 🙂 Good-Bye.



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