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Hello everyone! I’m Dan, I just recently made this blog to tell people about the cars of the world! Even though I’m 14 I have alot of driving experience, racing go-karts at my local short tracks since I was 8. I won the Ametur class at Ransomville Speedway two years in a row. I have 9 total Go-Kart wins out of about 40 starts. My number is 03 and my sponser is my Dad’s buisness, (which I’m not allowed to say on here without his permission :(). Anyway, I love cars, and want people to know about cars too, so I hope you will keep coming back to this blog to view my posts/reviews. 🙂 Oh yeah, also, you can view every car manufacture ever here. Thanks 🙂



Well, I’d like to start out with a bang! The first car that I will be showing you guys is a car made right in my hometown of Lockport, New York. The Cicero BDB Maestro was only made twice by the newer car maker Cicero. Cicero was established in early 2008 in Lockport, New York by Frank Booker. They made their first car in August of 2008, The Cicero Stealth, which had a Ford Boss 429 Engine that generated 412 horsepower. Five of these were cars between then and January 2010. The second car built was the Cicero BDB Maestro. Only built twice, one in red and one in black. The car had a Ford Modular V8 Engine that had 611 horsepower. One of the cars is owned by the Sultan of Brunei, and the other is owned by the owner Frank Booker. Here is a picture of the BDB Maestro.

Cicero BDB Maestro

Cicero BDB Maestro

Cicero is currently in production of a newer racing version of the BDB Maestro, which is supposed to be made in late 2011.



4 Responses

  1. Wow! I never even heard of this car before! It looks really cool.

  2. nice car. it looks like a ferrari

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